TV / Film

I have mixed an awful lot of documentaries/drama’s/gameshow/features in stereo or 5.1. My specialisation for sound to picture is mixing music based programs and have worked for most of the major broadcasters worldwide (eg BBC1/2/4, Ch 4/5, Discovery, Sky, NBC). Within a couple of years of getting to London I was nominated for the BBC Young Talent Award.I won an Emmy for best Sound on ‘America – The Story of Us’ and another Emmy for best international documentary on ‘Banaz – a love story’

I recently finished two classical music projects. One with Daniel Barenboim and one about the late composer Delius where I mixed all the recordings first before  finishing the post. Some of my credits are below for you to peruse.

BBC Top Gear, BBC Everything
BBC Nothing, BBC Life on the Edge
BBC Holocaust Memorial, BBC Genetics
BBC Trouble at the Top, BBC Great British Menus
BBC I didn’t divorce the Kids, BBC Great British Weddings
BBC Hotel on Sea, BBC Taste of My Life
BBC Blame the Parents, BBC Digging Deep
BBC Grown up Gappers, BBC From Ranch to Raunch
BBC Rogue Traders, BBC Show me the Monet
BBC UKs Worst, BBC The lady who stopped traffic, BBC Apply Immediately, BBC World Bank
BBC What not to wear, BBC Life on the Edge
BBC TV Mail, BBC Goldie
BBC Diners, BBC Show me the Monet
BBC Arts, BBC the Royal Wedding
BBC Scambusters, BBC What Darwin didn’t know
BBC Extraordinary Women, BBC How to Pay of your Mortgage in 2 yrs

Ch4 How did Hip Hop changed the world
Ch4 Sterling /Manser Prize, Ch4 Derren Brown
Ch4 Britains Worst Pets, Ch4 Great British Christmas
Ch4 Bo Selecta!, Ch4 Bird Flu
Ch4 A Place in, Ch4 World of Wonder
Ch4 House Auction, Ch4 Kiss Awards
Ch4 Celebs Exposed, Ch4 Brat Camp
Ch4 Daisy Daisy, Ch4 Europe’s Richest
Ch4 Union Jack, Ch4 Colin’s battle
Ch4 Pram Face, Ch4 Mozart Lovers
Ch4 The Crippendales, Ch4 Liberia
Ch4 Britains Bravest, Ch4 Man Boobs

Ch5 Amy Winehouse, Ch5 the Royal Wedding
ITV Kings of Leon ITV, Homes From Hell
ITV Promo department, ITV Bombs and Ballot Boxes
Sky Steps the Reuinion, Sky Bill Bailey Bird Watching
Sky Alex Reid Sky Emergency Abroad

Discovery Oil Riggers, Discovery I Kill for a baby
Discovery Kings of Nitro, Discovery Travel

Walt Disney NBC
The History Channel National Geographic
MTV UK / Europe Comic Relief

British Airways Sainsbury
Audi Guiness
Mentos IBM
KFC Virgin
Vodafone Rosetta Stone
Bertolli Bodyshop
Axe / Lynxs Worchester
Sony Canon
Flickr Cadbury
Voyage Prive Kenco
Albert Bartlett Rail Europe
Call of Duty Unchartered
Space Marines Dance Star Party
Resistance 3

Independent Cinema released features
Billy’s Day Out
Off Season
Last Night