Eryn Woods

from a session with Photographer Nikko Lamere

In 2010 I was in Atlanta doing a bunch of writing with my production team JINJA when my co-writer Lann introduced me to Arc & Eryn. They had just finished an EP and were promoting it. In the meantime they wanted to start with a new EP and a new sound.
In the following 9 months I got fully involved in producing and writing her new EP, ‘Holl.E.Woods’. Together with Arc, Lann & Ursula we finished the EP which was released May 2011. Eryn has been touring heavily ever since. She is fiercely independent and there have been offers from Majors but at this moment in time it is more important to do what feels right, which is to do it on your own, for as long as you dare! We have released three videos of the EP this far. ‘This my Shit’, ‘Gangstas, Geeks & Freaks’ and recently ‘Laughin at ya’.